Meet The Maker

My name is Chatti and thank you so much for visiting my shop! I started making cold process soaps in 2009 after finding a book on soapmaking at a bed & breakfast in Colorado. At the same time my skin was going through a huge transition period of sunny Southern California weather to dry Colorado air. All those store bought brands were not helping and I would feel irritated after my showers. Handmade soap seemed like the perfect remedy for my skin. Putting fear aside, I vowed to learn how to make my own. Fast forward a few years and many soap batches later, here we are!                                                                              

As a child, I was known as the "hippy" in the family. I loved making up potions and to my parents' dismay, crushed rose petals and aloe to shampoo my hair. That doesn't happen anymore but I do get to test products and play with fun ingredients. You can read more about what goes into our soaps here. Soap making is a great balance of creativity and science. I've found it to be the perfect way to ground myself and clear my head. I also love the idea of making something out of nothing, especially when that something is so wonderful for your skin. My skin, and I assume yours too, does so much better when using natural ingredients.

When talking about this shop I say "we" or "our" a lot and that's because this couldn't have manifest without the love and support I receive from my husband.  Although he does most of the behind the scenes work (aka math blah) this is as much his creation as it is mine. Lets think of him as on the board of directors. We live in Denver with our two cats, Remy and Rosie.

Photo by my friend, Megan.