Why We Chose Palm Free

Why We Chose Palm Free

When we first started testing soap formulas for Remy & Rose, we were determined to go palm-free. Palm was seen as one of the trinity in soap making, the others being coconut and olive oil, resulting in a firm bar. After testing for a whole year and being in business for nearly four, we can assure you that our soaps do not miss the absence of palm oil. 

Global demand for palm oil has driven deforestation, displaced indigenous communities and contributes to climate change. Presently, most of the deforestation of rain forests and intense mono-culture farming takes place in Southeast Asia. On our first visit to Malaysia several years ago, we looked out the window on our final approach and was taken back by the landscape below. Something looked off. There was smooth even texture-what used to be wild rainforest was now just a single specie of tree, the African Palm, used in palm oil production.

Palm oil is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid in our daily lives as it is used in food products, soaps, detergents and biofuels. While there have been attempts to sustainably harvest palm oil the jury is still out on how affective the industry holds each other accountable. For this very reason, it made more sense that we work without palm in our products.

You can learn more about palm oil production and deforestation issues from Greenpeace.

Rest assured that when you use Remy and Rose all of our products are made palm-free.